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Ressinea offers complete turnkey Graphene Resin products and services. By utilizing Graphene, Ressinea is able to modernize a traditional commodity, into a technologically advanced material.

Graphene "the Wonder Material" is the single atomic layer of Graphite. On paper, Graphene holds the record as the strongest material, lightest material, highest tensile, highest thermal resistance, and most light absorbant material known to man. Due to these fascinating properties, Graphene is an excellent choice when combined with Resin.

Our Graphene Resin provides a more robust product, higher temperature resistance, better UV protection, and a lighter finished product.

Based in Houston, TX, Ressinea has access to the best raw materials necessary to deliver a top tier product and service. Whether you are looking for a finished product, or a custom tailored Resin blend, Ressinea will help you achieve your goals.

Ressinea engages in:

  • Resins

  • Olefins

  • (Poly)Urethanes

  • Polyesters

  • Vinyl Ester

  • Epoxy

Man's Silhouette
Chris Clark
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Chris Clark joined  the marine corp right out of high school where he served with the third battalion first Marine division. After spending most of his time overseas by the age of 21 he had been to over 25 countries. During the last portion of his tour he was called upon once again to serve during Desert Storm, Desert Shield and Desert Saber. After returning home Chris Clark was honorably discharged from the marines where he began a career in construction project management supervising military government contracts. This is where he really found his true talent. The ability to create new solutions utilizing existing product and methods. After 18 years in project management it was time for change. He relocated to Houston, Texas where he started a small construction firm. Chris wanted to change the way people viewed contractors. So by using his talents and creativity he was able to give his customers an unbelievable buying experience. Although Chris still owns his construction company after 14 years he was ready for his next adventure. And that is how Resinnea was born.

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